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Hawaiian Snow Flavors – Taste of Paradise

Hawaiian Sweet Islands provides consumers a one-stop source to create their very own "Hawaiian-Style Shave Ice" cones, any time, and any place. It is rather simple and easy to create and it is fun for the entire family. We provide all of the necessary what to make "Hawaiian Style Shave-Ice". We have a Deluxe Home Ice Shaver, 48 refreshing and delicious flavors of Hawaiian Sweet Islands Premium Syrup, the Cone Cups, and Spoon straws, extra Ice Molds, Pour Spouts, replacement Blades and a Cup Holder. Our rich deep colored flavors poured within the shave ice makes our products very refreshing and delicious. A taste, which will melt inside your mouth and therefore "Experience a Taste of Paradise."

To create your personal frozen delicacy in your own home you must remember that the ice should be shaved and never crushed like snow cones. Hawaiian snow flavors shave ice has a snow like consistency that holds in the flavor. Traditional crushed ice Snow Cones have large ice pieces that triggers the syrups to drain towards the bottom of the cup.
To achieve the best results it is best to use blocks of frozen ice. So fill a plastic container with water and place it in your freezer. After the water is frozen take it out of the freezer, but leave the ice within the container.
Japan plantation workers used to use machetes to shave their ice, but it is safer and simpler to carefully make use of a butter knife. Just run the knife backwards and forwards over the ice block to shed your ice and scoop the ice shavings into a bowl.
Once you attain the desired quantity of ice, pour your flavored syrup on top. You can find authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice flavors online or substitute Italian flavor syrups, which are present in stores. Be sure not to douse the ice, but instead gently pour on the small amount of syrup before the ice is sufficiently covered with one or more flavors.
If all this seems overwhelming, you can buy a small machine off the internet. They often start at around $50 dollars for your basic machine. This is also a good choice if you are planning in making shave ice often or even commercially for some extra dollars.
All of our flavors are imported from Hawaii. If you want a taste of Hawaii within Utah then you have come to the right place. We have 10 flavors that we provide each event:

Hawaiian Snow Flavors – Taste of Paradise
Hawaiian Snow Flavors – Taste of Paradise

• Tigers Blood
• Mango
• Ling Hing Mui
• Guava
• Orange Dreamsicle
• Lime
• Coconut
• Pineapple
• Blue Hawaii
• Cotton Candy
We have 50 plus flavors. We only shave from block ice. You can't get any better that that. Do not forget this in not a snow cone. Hawaiian Style Shave Ice is made from delicately shaving ice blocks creating fine, fluffy shave ice. This enables the syrup to suspend within the ice and not settle to the bottom of your cone. In contrast, snow cones are made from crushing ice, developing a crunchier texture. When syrup is poured onto snow cones, it quickly settles towards the bottom. Shave Ice could be formal, wedding and corporate events, to informal family fun, school carnivals, festivals, backyard luaus and birthdays, and all things in between! See our catering page for pricing.

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