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Know about the Hungarian Lake Balaton

Know about the Hungarian Lake Balaton

Here we are, as the sun sets, about to party all night by having an international crowd of barefoot hipsters, in a location almost no people had heard of before. Yet it’s a destination of such outstanding natural beauty, you’d think it would be regularly topping industry hot lists. The temperature is tropical enough for a woman behind us to bop happily in her bikini, and there’s a guy still swimming because the sun finally dies inside a blaze of fluoro pyrotechnics.

This is not even close to the tropics, though, and that’s not the Indian Ocean stretches into the night in front of us. We’re in Hungary, on the shores of Lake Balaton, the biggest freshwater lake in Europe, and a former hang-out for the international communist jet set.

Balaton really is take-your-breath-away huge. From our vantage point, you can just make out the eastern corners; however it stretches remote to the northwest.

The Hungarian Lake Balaton

It’s encompassed by greenery and occasional dark, cool pines, and protected in the elements with a high wall of natural volcanic rock; the air is still and also the crickets chirrup. Like the postcard so far? There’s more: the water, an unbelievably inviting shade of faded turquoise, is warm and shallow. There are boats aplenty - but none of them of the motorized behemoths that blight a lot of fancy resorts.

In keeping with the down tempo feel from the place, we have seen a wood houseboat, lots of little sailing dinghies, pedalos - and something man rowing what looks appears to be a raft produced from a few old surfboards, strapped along with gaffer tape. St Tropez, this isn’t.

Lying 60 miles southwest of Budapest (budapesht-city.ru), Balaton is really a kind of Hungarian Hamptons. We’re here for Beach Club Beach, a mini-festival (only 300 guests) featuring a few of the hottest names from the Berlin deep-house scene, that is being held for the second year running in one of countless crumbling old villas dotting the southeastern shoreline from the lake. And we barely hear another English accent for the duration of the weekend.

Know about the Hungarian Lake Balaton

“It was Fidel Castro’s holiday home,” the promoter, Tamas Racsek, told us when we arrived, walking us through a series of decaying rooms full of decaying 1960s furniture.

The river, big enough to become referred to as Hungarian Sea, was first developed as a holiday destination prior to the Second World War. In the 1950s, it became a centre for communist youth holidays, with up to 1,800 children housed within the expropriated private villas used to entertain visiting dignitaries, including Castro, Brezhnev, Yuri Gagarin and Mao Tse-tung.

The villas have since fallen into disrepair and been abandoned, which is a shame. The impressive structures each occurs their own plot of overgrown, tangled vegetation; will make for any fantastic development, however they have been permitted to decompose badly, this means ripping them down and starting again. Get redirected here http://abouthungary.net/

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