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The Medium of Best Tool for Multiple Websites

If you have multiple sites to run, it may get difficult to keep track of what is with each site. Which one needs an update? Which needs more SEO focus this month? Which one is loading slowly or generating traffic spikes? These questions may take considerable time out of your day if you are a business proprietor or Webmaster servicing multiple clients.

Best Tool for Multiple Websites
You will find tools to keep us informed on the statuses in our websites’ health insurance and marketability. They are doing the heavy lifting for us. We don’t have to manually check our sites 24/7 from various IP addresses to make sure they are loading for the users, and we don’t need to Google our own keywords every week to make sure our pages are still ranking. Plenty of services exist nowadays to help us does that and to let us know what is up whenever we have to know.
The challenging part is finding these tools. Today we are likely to assist with that! Here is a list of essential tools to handle multiple WordPress sites specifically, though many of these tools might be used for non-WordPress sites too.
Best Tools to Manage Multiple Social Networking Sites
If you are obsessive about social media, chances are you have more than a single social networking account. Most people have both a Facebook along with a twitter account, and those who use social media professionally, generally have multiple Facebook pages, twitter accounts, and Facebook accounts (as well as other accounts like 4Square, etc.). Listed here are my best three picks for managing multiple social networking accounts.
HootSuite may be my personal favorite app for managing social media accounts. Although you add as many accounts as you want with PRO (up to 5 with the free version), but you may also schedule tweets for later and create Nourishes. HootSuite tracks clicks and demographics of the people who are clicking through your tweets.
For me, when you are the hang of HootSuite ensure return to other things. You even have the choice of old-fashioned Rating (RT @username) and new Rating where it simply reposts the tweet on your page. It also calculates your klout (online influence).
TweetDeck is second to HootSuite. It has a great search feature and Twitscoop, which reports on hot twitter trends inside a cloud format (something that HootSuite does not have). You can also manage your contacts in groups. This will make it simple for people following over 300 people.
This column view is extremely appreciated since it is easily organized and allows you to see different feeds that you could categorize. Like HootSuite, you can categorize the columns by keyword, sent tweets, your tweets retweeted, etc. There are many options - but TweetDeck is only for twitter.
LinksAlpha is different from HootSuite and TweetDeck. LinksAlpha is great for people seeking to manage Nourishes and share links on their own social networking accounts. LinksAlpha has many social networking sites to select from. You can also assign Nourishes to multiple accounts to write - things are easily centralized.

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